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What's one effect of religion on society in either Spanish or the New England colonies? Spanish Colonies 1. How did mercantilism change the economy in British North America from ?

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How can you ace your APUSH long essay? Check out these 4 steps for writing a good APUSH long essay to find out what you can do to. Note: As explained in the Preface, the instructions shown here are the ones that students will be given beginning with the AP U.S. History Exam.

How did that lead to the Revolution? How did American's ideas about independence change or stay the same between and ? Use the documents in your argument! How did Crane and Zagarri differ in their understanding of the effect of the American Revolution on women? What's one event between that would support Crane? What's one event between that would support Zagarri?

Briefly explain ONE specific argument critics used in the s to support revising the Articles of Confederation. What's one accomplishment of the Articles of Confederation? What's one failure of the Articles of Confederation?

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What's one way the Constitution fixes a failure of the Articles? After the Mexican-American War, what changed in the debate over slavery and what stayed the same? Briefly explain ONE specific historical effect that resulted from the change depicted on the graph. What's one reason immigration to the US increased between ? What's one effect of the increase in immigration? What's another effect of increased immigration at that time?

How did the market revolution change the lives of women? Briefly explain how ONE specific event or development in the period from to contributed to the process depicted in the image.

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Briefly explain ONE specific historical effect in the period from to that resulted from the process depicted in the image. Describe how this image depicts the idea of Manifest Destiny. What's one event between that contributed to the Manifest Destiny movement? What's one effect of the Manifest Destiny movement between and ?

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The cartoon itself was an attempt to unite the colonies to fight the Native-Americans during the French and Indian War and support the Albany Plan for Union and is unrelated to the American Revolution 22 years later as the student implies with its qualifying sentence. For the next few days, we will focus on the last form of essay, which is commonly referred to as a DBQ. I'm an unapologetic Boston sports fan and I spend way too much time listening to political podcasts. Yes, you should restate your thesis, but in a new way. George Washington also did not like these taxes and said that manufacturers would help American industry. Find an interesting way to approach your college history. For example, you can identify documents that you need to compare and contrast.

See Released Question LEQ Causes of the American Revolution coming soon Evaluate the extent to which ideas of self-government influenced American colonial reaction to British imperial authority in the period from to How did ideas of self-government lead to the American Revolution?

How did debates over slavery between and lead to the Civil War? How did ideas of democracy contribute to the Civil Rights Movement between and ? See Released Question. They are not super useful anymore, but you can still use them to practice other skills like document analysis or just to see what you can remember:. Period 1 Prompts: Early Colonization No past prompts! Your email address will not be published.

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Fiveable on Instagram. Briefly explain ONE historical perspective expressed by the artist about the changes from the period — to the period — There are several ways to do this. Some students prefer to use a cluster strategy; that is, they place the main thoughts in bubbles and then scatter supporting evidence around the main bubbles. Other students prefer to list facts and evidence in a bulleted list.

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Some like to create an outline of relevant information. Whatever you prefer, this is a step you cannot skip! Students who do not take the time to plan their evidence often find themselves scratching out irrelevant information during the exam, thus wasting valuable time. Also, you must learn to brainstorm efficiently—you should use only about five minutes to complete the first three steps of essay writing.

Use abbreviations, pictures, or other cues that are efficient for you. Once you have a list, you can move to the next and most important step—writing! However, on the AP exam, time is of the essence! If you practice the prewriting strategies from the previously outlined steps 1 through 3, you will find it easy to write a developed paper in a short time. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is one body paragraph for each portion of the essay prompt. Some AP U.

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History exam questions will be structured to fit a five-paragraph essay, while others may need more and others less. You will not be penalized for writing a strong four-paragraph response. Likewise, you will not be rewarded for constructing a weak six-paragraph response. AP readers look for quality, not quantity. Your first paragraph should always introduce your essay. Your thesis from step 2 is only part of your introduction. The first paragraph of your essay should include your thesis and any other organizational cues you can give your reader. Do not use rhetorical questions.

AP Faculty Consultants are reading for the items that are listed on the scoring guide. You will notice that creativity in language and structure is not a listed item. However, a well-written and developed argument is a desired item. You have taken the time to plan, so follow it! You must have some element of analysis between each set of evidence you provide.

Breakdown of Essay:

Using transition words such as however , therefore , and thus to show a shift in thought can make creating analytic sentences quick and easy. Whenever possible, use historical terms or phrases instead of general ones. For example, instead of saying that the South established laws against an owner freeing slaves, say that the South established laws against manumission.

Each of the essay questions will address the same historical reasoning process. There is a fifteen-minute reading period for students to read the essay prompts, take notes, and brainstorm, but students may begin to write the essays before this period ends. Students will then have 85 minutes to write the two essays; 45 minutes are recommended for the DBQ and 40 minutes for the long essay, but students are free to work on the two essays as they see fit. In May , the AP U.